Asking for Help Ain't Easy

It turns out, asking for help is really hard for me. I spend my days (and nights) as a solo entrepreneur. I try to do it all. I wear like 7 million hats. And some of them fit and a lot of them are way too big and some of them (an annoyingly large amount) are far too small, a.k.a super boring and repetitive tasks (like copying and editing product descriptions for hours and hours). Some of them are far too big: like being the Founder of a business - I've always (kind of) got to know what I'm doing but at the same time, it's impossible to know everything about everything or I would never be able to manage. I'm constantly learning new things and always trying to store as much information as possible. But then there are some hats that fit me pretty well, like the E is for Effort hat, I mean, at least I don't want to give up, right? I keep trying, and for the most part stay motivated toward a specific end goal.  My start-up is called Greenhaus, it's "a sustainable marketplace for the modern human" - really what I hope for it to grow into is an online hub for goods in 3 categories: new things that are ethically made, quality pre-owned, and remade or up-cycled. It's still a baby, it's just 1 year old, so we've got a lot of growing to do and a lot learning left. 

What I've realized though, in the past few days, is how hard it is for me to ask for help - which might sound obvious to you after reading the above paragraph, but somehow it just wasn't for me. Hindsights always 50/50. (does that saying apply here? I feel like it does) When I officially decided to volunteer and began making my  massive to-do list, I realized I had put myself in a position that demanded I ask for help on multiple fronts. From needing to ask a friend to ship orders for me to setting up a GoFundMe account and asking my social network help aide in travel expenses, to needing help moving all my furniture and belongings into the kitchen before I leave for Lebanon (as I have just been informed that my landlord will be replacing the carpet in my apartment at the beginning of the year) -  new floors are a great though! Aside from these requests for help, there are many more and many coming, but . . . 

So far what I've found is this: It is hard, it's just plain hard. I don't like to annoy, bother, pester, or pressure people, it's just not my thing - it's REALLY hard for me to write individual people and ask them for help - like people I've known my whole life, people who I've help fund in thier projects - people who I would even genuinely say I think would LIKE to know about the fundraiser - even then, it is hard.  But what is more important to remember are the things like this :

+ My friend, Asa, said she would gladly ship Greenhaus orders while I am away. She didn't seem upset by my asking and in fact she seemed even happy to do it! So there was nothing to worry about there. In fact, maybe it will even be of benefit to her because she is thinking of opening a store of her own, I guess the important lesson is something like "one man's trash is another man's treasure" - but this time it's:  "one woman's problems are another woman's answers"

+ I set up my GoFundMe page and raised 50% of my goal in the first day. I found out later that I made the post at 11:11 am, which 11:11 is lucky (duh), so that made me oddly happy and optimistic throughout the day. A lot of my friends from grad school pitched in right away, that was really awesome, a few of my friends parents were really generous, my bestie got my  back as usual -  and there are the ones that you didn't expect but that you hoped would, just because you believe they are good people and it somehow confirms it a little bit. Truthfully, the support has meant so much. I've heard that when people are fundraising, they often times forget to look at the amount they have raised because they are more enthralled with the amount of people that are giving, which I guess the important lesson here is something like: "it's not about how much one gives, it's about that one gives."

I haven't reached out for help on moving stuff into the kitchen yet, putting that one off for now.  It's present wrapping time. 

Here is the link to GoFundMe if you want to make a little holiday magic happen in this girls life. 

Have a good night guys :)